Choosing sides

It is almost time to pick a side in this provincial election.  Candidates are scurrying around doing last minute door-knocking, leaders and their campaign teams are nose-deep in the latest polling results, and voters are scratching their heads trying to make sense of it all.  Is Alberta on the brink of a change of government, or will the tory dynasty continue?  Based on recent elections in both Alberta and British Columbia, trusting the polling numbers might be a fool's game.

I have a strong inclination who is going to get my vote in Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo, and strengthening thoughts about who I would like to see as our next premier and our next leader of the opposition.

My vote is going to be earned by character and integrity; humbleness and strength; courage and resolve.  My vote is not coming from a place of anger, but a vantage point of hope and resilience.  My vote is rooted in trust, nurtured with mindfulness, empathy and gratitude, and inspired and encouraged by a deep, authentic and powerful love for this community, region and province.

Some people are not going to get my vote, though I have strong and respectful feelings about their willingness to serve.  They have stood on their principles and have given everything they have to the process. They have made our democracy stronger.


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