A clean slate in Birdsong Studio

After the successful bidders come to Birdsong Studio to pick up their paintings and prints, things are going to feel very different.  I got the idea of doing a studio clear out auction after seeing how easy it was to do using 32auctions.com during the United Way campaign.  Some of the paintings that had been hanging up in the studio had been around for a very long time and it was time to let them go out into the world.

I set the minimum starting bid and then everyone took it from there.  Most people got good bargains.  One piece, the limited edition print of Chris Cornell, went over its regular value.  Most importantly, every single piece will be going to a new home.

It won't take me long to fill up the feature wall again.  In our first week back, still feeling the effects of jet lag and a lingering cold, I did 12 new originals.  Most were Christmas orders and are still closely guarded secrets, but you get the point.  When you let me loose with empty canvases, available wall space, and a healthy body, you never know what will happen.

There is something empowering about starting a New Year with new energy and new ideas.  A clean slate is a marvellous thing to get me started.  I am grateful to everyone who has helped me make this possible. This will be my first orbit around the sun as a semi-retired artist; I'm excited to see where it will lead and how my work will evolve.

My brain spins thinking about how many paintings are prints are under trees this holiday season.  There are a lot.  I will wait until a few days after Christmas, but soon I'll be sharing many of the commissioned works and special gifts that were done before and after our trip to Southeast Asia. 

Meanwhile, I have many patient customers waiting for custom orders.  2018 should be the year of catching up with requests that poured in over the last several years.  A world of colour and personality lies ahead. 


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