End of Week 1 of Ideal Protein

As I approach this morning's weigh-in and measurement to begin the second week of my return to the Ideal Protein program, I've realized that I've successfully fallen into the routine.  The summer has proven to be an excellent time to do this process as there are fewer outside functions and interruptions to routine.

While some may call this a weight loss program, I like to think of it as a health gain initiative. Yes, the pounds are coming off - just how many will be revealed this morning - but more importantly I'm getting to a healthier metabolic place.  At my first consult my body fat percentage was 22 percent.  So, even though I had only put on about half the weight I lost in 2011, it was enough to put me on the edge of being overweight and under healthy.

I thrive in routine, which might be why this program works so well for me.  I don't mind having the same thing for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack.  The only choices I have to make are the types of vegetables I'd like to have and what meat (protein) to have for dinner.  It is in the decision making process that people can start floating into the restricted and forbidden territories of this protocol.

The painting that I've been doing on the weekends has helped.  I don't think about eating when I'm in the creative zone.  All I do is drink water, which for this program (and for life), is an excellent thing.

What has changed after one week?

  • my desire to nibble incessantly has curbed substantially
  • the light headedness I encountered on days 2 and 3 has gone
  • I am drinking way more water than before (a downside is that I'm up and down 3-4 times a night to go to the washroom)
  • I've lost weight (based on our weight scale, between 5 - 7 pounds in a week)
There are two big differences from the last time I did the program.  First, they send daily emails with links to helpful videos with recipe ideas and information about the science of what is happening.  I start each day by watching these.  They are an excellent addition and a motivator.

Second, they have these amazing BBQ Crisps which are one of the unrestricted protein meals.  In other words, I can enjoy their crunchy goodness while watching TV in the evening, knowing that they are actually good for me.  Amazing. 

The last time I successfully went through this program, I found myself in the healthiest state of my adult life.  It took about a month and a half, but the results were staggering.  While I was at the height of well being, my father was not.  He ended up being diagnosed with cancer that fall and was operated on as I was coming to the end of the program.  Despite a diagnosis that would have seen him gone from this world several years ago, he has responded to the medication and lives a happy, productive life at the age of 78.  It was important to me to have been in the best possible shape during this difficult period.  The timing of when I did the Ideal Protein program was purely coincidence.  Or was it?

The wind inexplicably blew me back to the program last week.  As I look out to the 3-4 weeks that it will take to reach my ideal weight and health, there is a likelihood that Heather will be having a long-awaited surgery.  She found out the news as I was in about Day 4 of the program. I will feel equally good being there with her with my body and mind in top notch shape. I owe it to her, and I owe it to myself. 

Did I just randomly decide that the time had come to get healthier?  Or was there a divine influence encouraging me?  I tend to think the latter, as a week earlier I could never had guessed I'd be back on shakes and supplements this soon, or that Heather's surgery date would at long last be on the horizon.


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