Returning to Ideal

My friend Sean posted a short video of me walking around down in the historic Abasand Oil area.  Seeing myself on video was enough to inspire me to take the leap back into the Ideal Protein (IP) program.  I had been bemoaning the fact that I was getting more bouncy around the middle for weeks, still refusing to get on the scale to see the number, the measure of just how much I had gained.  The video Sean took changed that, and right away, I went online to find out where I could get my IP products, as the store I went to in 2011 is now on the other side of town.

When I discovered that there is an IP supplier - Finding Balance Weight Loss and Wellness - and that they are just a few doors down from The Redpoll Centre, I knew the wind was telling me something.  How absolutely convenient is that?

I walked down to the store on my lunch break, filled out an information sheet, got my measurements and my first batch of supplements and products.  I began "the protocol" - as the fellow on the IP coaching video calls it - immediately.

The first time around, I began the journey at the end of August, weighing in at 210 pounds stripped down to my underwear.  This time I begin the journey on July 14, weighing in at 195 pounds with all my clothes on, my body fat percentage at 22.  In 2011, I knocked off 35 pounds in about six weeks.  I want to drop about 15 this time around.

"You guys are so lucky," said Sarah, the owner of Finding Balance Weight Loss and Wellness.  "You can lose it much more quickly than us."

Sarah snapped my picture, a side view, as that is usually the more revealing angle for men.  It will be interesting to see the before and after shot, perhaps a month or two from now.

Psychologically I already feel lighter.  And the leap into this program is much easier than it was back a couple of years ago.  My relationship with food has changed completely thanks to the Ideal Protein program.   Adding supplements and protein shakes while cutting out the carbs and various other restricted foods will be a small adjustment.

Ironically, one of the motivators in this is my wardrobe, which was adjusted to fit me when I was around 180 pounds.  Several pants had begun to get snug, others way too tight to put on.  I had purposely had them altered knowing that if they started to get uncomfortable, it would serve as a weight gain early warning system.  Good call on my part.

My inspiration in 2011 was Warren, my best friend from high school, who had successfully taken off a bunch of weight and maintains his svelte figure to this day.  As he described the regimen to me that summer, everything resonated in terms of it being something that I could integrate into my life.  I am so glad that I did, and I am glad that I am again.


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