Botox Injections

In the medical profession they use botox for two reasons, the more popular one is for cosmetic purposes -- smoothing out those wrinkles and facial gouges, the other is for cerebral palsy patients -- to relax tensed up muscles.

Dylan and I travel down to Edmonton today after work to arrive in time for tomorrow's early morning procedure. He's had botox injections probably four or five times over his 11 years. The botulinum toxin will go into a variety of muscles whose tightness causes Dylan to compensate by bending his knees when standing or walking. He also walks on his toes to find his balance.

The doctors hope that the botox will loosen things up enough to allow Dylan to stand straighter and to get his heels to the ground. If it doesn't achieve these goals, then an additional procedure, way too hard to pronounce or spell, will be added to his surgical menu this fall.

In 2008 they operated on his right leg, rotating his femur, lengthening his Achilles and reconstructing his foot. He went into the Stollery in September and came out of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital just before Christmas. He spent 95 days in hospital. He is going to have a similar experience with his left leg this year.

The additional procedure, which may or may not happen depending on the success of the botox, would involve changing the way the bones grow below the knee, essentially forcing him into a straight-up position.

Dylan has always taken these things with a grain of salt and a sense of humour. He completely gets the fact that all of this inconvenience is so that he can maintain and enhance his ability to walk (and run) through his adult life. There is no fear or hesitation on his part knowing the stakes.

February 16, 2010 - 193.8 pounds, 27.2% body fat


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