The Stress Test

Today felt heavy, like the weight of the world was pressing down all around me. It was one of a rare few days when I wished I could shut myself off from the world, to spend time catching up, reflecting, regrouping.

Everyone has their own particular set of stress indicators. For me, an overwhelming fatigue drapes itself over my body and my head starts to spin.

Today, everything from digging myself out from the pile of 400 emails in my inbox to the resignations of several colleagues combined with preparations for the weekend WinterPLAY Festival served to pull all my stress triggers. I was dog tired by the end of the afternoon and practically numb during this evening's rehearsal for A Number.

During periods of high stress I need to find time to slow my heart rate down, to pause, close my eyes, and drift off, if only for a few minutes. Since starting the Middle Age Bulge blog I've learned that going for a run at the gym helps a lot, too. I wonder which method burns more calories?

February 22, 2010 - 194.00 pounds, 28.9% body fat


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