Stage Fog

As a play production gets nearer and nearer to facing an audience, more and more elements get added to the mix--costumes, props, furniture, lights and sound. Tonight was the first time that all those pieces merged, tossing Kenny and I into "stage fog". It was like all the mental connections that we had made practicing in the living room with the dog, cats and daughter underfoot completely dissolved, leaving us stranded in the middle of a dense fog of nothingness.

It happens. The mind goes blank and you can't sort out the appropriate words to bridge to the next thought. The truth is that we both got caught up in our heads and got disconnected from our hearts and the story.

I used a hockey analogy to suggest a way forward for opening night. When that puck drops you have to trust with your entire soul that you'll give it everything you've got and that it'll all work out in the end. We also need to remember to have fun, because it truly is.

So, tomorrow we'll pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and put A Number in front of an audience. We hope you decide to come out and watch.

February 25, 2010 - 192.2 pounds, 26.5% body fat


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