Canada vs. Russia

They thought it would have been the gold medal game of these Olympics. Instead, it ended up being the tension filled quarter final match up featuring the age-old rivalry of Canada versus Russia.

These two great hockey nations have clashed on many memorable occasions over the past 30 years beginning with the 72 Summit that ended with the now famous winning goal by Paul Henderson, arguably one of the most enduring moments in sport.

With the possibility of being eliminated from the tournament they were meant to win and hot off the heels of a stunning loss to the U.S.A., Team Canada took control of the game from the first whistle and didn't let it go. The final score was 7 - 3 and we are heading into the semi-finals with a chance to own the podium that has eluded us in so many of the other sports.

While I appreciate the incredible amount of effort, time and money that goes into training for these games and the unfathomable disappointment that occurs when athletes under perform, I most appreciate those that keep their chin up and smile in defeat, acknowledging the fact that perfection is fleeting and that just being able to compete at this level is an honour.

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