Openings and Silver Medals

I had been following Cheryl Bernard's rink throughout the Olympics, often catching their midday matches while running on the treadmill at the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre. Running and curling go well together, unlike running and downhill skiing which made me queasy. As the Canadian foursome progressed in the Olympic tournament, I found myself going for extra long runs or walks because they ended up in extra ends more often than not. And as they played for gold tonight, they once again entered the uncertain territory of the 11th end.

Only this time, I wasn't on my trusty treadmill, but in the 5th row at Keyano Theatre waiting for the start of Starfish Circus and Ben's debut on the big stage. Surfing on my Blackberry, none of the traditional websites had any updates so I navigated over to Twitter where my fellow Tweeter, Kyle, was kindly providing real time updates for me and several avid curler fans in the seats in front and behind me.

My heart was beating fast as the game progressed.

"Last shot for Sweden," Kyle tweeted. "They need to knock out Canada's stone then hope Canada misses. This will be close."

It was like I was actually watching at home.

Then, "Yikes. Tough shot for Canada to win."

By this time, I was sweating and Claude was on the stage getting the show underway.

A few moments later Kyle let me know that the silver medal was ours, the Swedes had come out on top. I gave the thumbs down in silence to the fans in front and back and turned my attention to Starfish Circus.

February 26, 2010 - 191.4 pounds, 27.8% body fat


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