Where Were You When?

Years from now you may get asked "Where were you when Canada beat the USA in overtime at the Vancouver Olympics?" It was a watershed moment for Canadian sport as the victory allowed us to break the record for most gold medals won by any nation at a Winter Olympics. The fact that it was an overtime goal by Sidney Crosby made it extra special.

I had spent the day volunteering at the Syncrude WinterPLAY Festival, ironically manning a hockey shot booth. My only pipeline to the game was through Twitter, where my Tweets were kindly providing updates. As news of goals came through, I gestured over to Bill and Heather, doing play-by-play as the operators of the remote control bobsled track sponsored by Kathy Bowers of Exit Realty. Through their sound system they kept the hundreds of guests in MIX Stadium in the know about the action on the ice.

With each Canadian goal, Cam Watson would come running through the facility waving the Canada flag to boisterous cheers. When we found out about the Crosby goal and the gold medal, cheers turned to shouts of joy and spontaneous applause.

We didn't need to see the action, just getting the news made us feel connected to this incredible moment in Canadian Olympic history. It's several hours later and I still haven't seen a single second of game highlights, but it doesn't matter. One goal. One nation. One singular moment of national pride.

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