Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

When I was a kid the question "best two out of three?" would follow a narrow loss in any competitive activity. That was me again this morning playing with my weight scale. I stepped on and it said I was a pound heavier than the day before. I stepped off, kicked it soundly, then stepped on again. This time I was a pound lighter. I stepped off, and to get the final verdict, I stepped on one last time -- still a pound lighter. Two out of three ain't bad.

It's embarrassing to note the psychological impact of having thought I'd gained a pound. I felt heavier and looked heavier. Then, after realizing a pound had been dropped, I instantly felt lighter and looked slimmer. I'm a freak.

The Middle Age Bulge blog has sparked a lot of comments from friends and colleagues and has attracted a bizarre set of readers. I am honoured that anyone would take the time to read these musings, let alone return from time to time for the latest missive. And while I've been tracking and celebrating my progress, nearing the 15-pound loss milestone, my lovely wife has been quietly doing the same in the background.

Honestly, Heather had been enormously forgiving of my unhealthy ways for years. She gently suggested, patiently offered alternatives, and watched silently as I was an eating and drinking machine, oblivious to the effects of over-indulgence. And much like many other occasions in our 8 years of marriage, this is another example of when I should have taken her advice without question.

February 1, 2010 - 195.8 pounds, 26.6% body fat


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