Craving Water

Surrounded by the friends of the Keyano College Foundation at their annual Investors Reception, I was craving water in the worst way. This is a new thing for me, because for the past many years my craving would be for other forms of beverages.

It was great to meet DG from P & H MinePro. The early part of his career was spent in the coal mines near Gillette, Wyoming, operating big equipment. Now, he sells some of the biggest equipment on the planet in an area known for its punishing effect on machinery.

"The oil sands have helped us develop better and stronger equipment," he said. "Fort McMurray is great. It's just like Gillette...on speed!"

DG loves almost everything about Fort McMurray except for the cold, the traffic and the ravens.

Simone is a communications colleague from Shell. She's fresh off the boat, having arrived in Fort McMurray but a few months ago. An avid outdoors person, she was drawn to the community right away when she saw the diverse population of birds that are here.

It was great to see our good friend Matty Flores, formerly of Shaw Cable, back in the community working in communications with Michael and Cheryl out at FT Services. Matty did an incredible job telling Fort McMurray's story on Channel 10 for a number of years, and I'm sure he'll do an equally great job with FT.

There was a palpable energy in the room as about 100 guests mixed and mingled in celebration of their support of the College. Mickey Demers and Demers Contracting Ltd. was honoured as Partner of the Year. Mickey and the Demers family have been a part of Fort McMurray for generations. I live on the block named for his parents. How cool is that?

Home, sitting in my study with my family asleep, I've had my two cups of water and with cravings satisfied, I'm ready to call it a day.

February 9, 2010 - 193.2 pounds, 27.3% body fat


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