Prune Juice and Parenting

You know you're getting old add prune juice to your grocery list for strategic reasons. As my weight had been creeping in the wrong direction over the past few days I could feel the ballast building up inside. Heather suggested "a glass of water with two tablespoons of pulverized flax just before bed, followed by a glass of prune juice in the morning."

So, here I am on the second morning sipping this digestive tincture and my weight is the lowest it has been since I started the battle of the bulge. Great advice Honey!

I was laughing last night recalling my high school years when my father would constantly be yapping on about fibre, from adding bran to your morning cereal to double dosing on flax seed before bed. His Bible, and that of my grandfather, was Prevention magazine, a Readers Digest-like mag with all kinds of tips and tricks for a long and healthy life. As an indestructible teenager I thought they were both obsessive compulsive -- flash forward 25 years and I have become them.

It goes so much deeper than food-with-fibre choices, this becoming my parents thing. It reveals itself in my gestures, habits - good, bad and nocturnal, fiscal matters, and so much more. It punctuates the importance of being a good parent and the impact you have on a life, many lives, for generations to come. Thankfully, I come from pretty good stock, and this journey I'm on has a lot to do with them, and likely those that came before them.

February 7, 2010 - 193.4 pounds, 27.7% body fat


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