The Sweat Factor

The effectiveness of my workout is directly proportional to the amount of sweat I produce. As the last thing I do is core exercises on a mat, my measure of success is the size of the puddle I leave behind.

Today my puddle was more like a few beads, as my physio was limited owing to the nagging knot in my calf muscle. It went away for about a week, then returned ever so slowly, screaming at me the longer I ran. So, I spent more time on the weights today.

Closing in on 190 pounds, there is one thing that amazes me: here I am at a weight I haven't seen in years, and I still have significant love handles. Really, I could still lose 10 to 15 pounds to be in slim and trim territory.

Every scale is different. The Body Mass Index suggests I need to descend below 165 pounds to be what it classifies as normal. That would mean losing an additional 25 pounds for me. I think the wind would pick me up and blow me around at that size!

My Shopper's Drug Mart super fancy scale classifies me still as being "over fat". Ouch! My body fat percentage at the beginning of this journey was well over 30% -- now it is consistently hovering between 26 - 27%.

I didn't take Guru's advice and strip down at the beginning to capture the "before" shot, but I feel and see the difference all the same. I see the difference in the photos from just a few months ago. I look back at photos of my younger self and wonder "How the heck did I get to 210 pounds?" But all I have to do is remember my diet for the past 15 years and everything comes clearly into focus. You are what you eat. It's a wonder I didn't turn into a blimp.

February 11, 2010 - 193.2 pounds, 27.1 pounds


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