Pea Soup

The drive into Edmonton was uneventful until we started approaching Grassland and wisps of clouds started appearing. The low swaths of fog meandered just above the highway, appearing and disappearing, one moment revealing a star-filled sky and an endless view of the horizon, the next piercing the windshield and leaving me virtually blind.

Beyond Grassland and Boyle, nearing the big city, the fog went from being horizontal shards of mist to being blankets of cloud. When things are this thick, there is a distinct sensation that you should be able to turn on your wipers and gain your vision back. But all you can do is press on, watching the white line to the right, thankfully easy to see because the roads were clear, and watching off into the mist for headlights in the distance.

Driving into the City of Champions, the pea soup fog was so intense that even the headlights of the passing cars were muted, blurred, soft glows passing by. We were almost at Northgate Mall on 97th street (I'm guessing on the name of the mall) before we could tell we were in the city.

Thankfully we arrived without mishap, if only a little shaken not stirred, and happy to have our feet back on terra firma.

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