Albuquerque Here I Come

The bags are almost packed and the evening dwindling away as I get ready to fly the friendly skies from Fort McMurray to Edmonton, from Edmonton to Denver, and from Denver to Albuquerque. I've made a trip in March for three years in a row, first to Savannah in 2008, last year to Kansas City, and now to New Mexico.

For the next six days I will miss my trusty Shoppers Drug Mart weight scale and fear what it might say when I return next Thursday. In a way, this trip is a test of my new lifestyle. If I can stay on the south side of 195 pounds I will feel victorious. If I remain 193 or below, I will be ecstatic.

I'm excited to return to this blog each evening of this journey and share my observations and adventures. Of course, I'm going to a conference, so I'm hoping to pass along some of the things I learn, too.

March 12, 2010 - 193 pounds, 26.8% body fat


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