Sunny in Wood Buffalo

When the sun comes out in Wood Buffalo the streets and sidewalks come alive. The neighborhood kids fling off their jackets and tromp around enjoying the warmth and optimism. Adults find excuses to go for a walk, anything to soak in the rays. Spirits are noticeably lifted when the sun shines.

I was pretty sure there would still be snow on the ground by the time we darted south later this week, but temperatures in the teens and nary a cloud in the sky are doing their utmost to prove me wrong. I'm not complaining.

Soon we'll be speculating about the date of river break, that storied day in the calendar that historically falls somewhere near the middle of April. Last year, the ice started moving north on April 18th, I was watching it live on my computer early that morning before anyone else noticed. The year before it was May 2nd before the ice gave way.

With thoughts of the river break come inevitable thoughts of returning to the western shore of the Athabasca River and the copious fish calling my name saying "Catch me! Catch me!". How I'm going to integrate the passive activity of fishing with my battle of the bulge I haven't quite figured out. Maybe I could do some core exercises between nibbles?

March 29, 2010 - 191.8 pounds, 29% body fat


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