Ideal Protein, 3 Weeks In

It was a little tough being on a family trip and maintaining the Ideal Protein pattern that I had established.  It was especially difficult to keep my resolve when the desserts were brought out.  Much like my father and late grandfather, who was nibbling on sugary goodness till he was in his 99th year, I have inherited the Thomas sweet tooth.

Apart from a wee dram of scotch, a tablespoon of ice cream and about a half dozen Saskatoon berries, I was diligent.  I did find, because of the heat, that there were times when I was completely drained of strength.  It wasn't that I felt tired, it was just that I was weak - lifting up my legs to take another step was a challenge.  I felt similarly one evening in the second week when it was all I could do to lift my paint brush.

In talking to Sara at the store today, she suggested that my body could probably use some electrolytes, especially when it's pushing 30 degrees outside and I am being active.  She gave me some crystals to add to my water to help on those occasions.

The good news from eating my veggies and Ideal Protein foods, plus drinking a whole lot of water, is that I had an outstanding third week, coming within a hair's breath of reaching my goal.  I dropped 4.8 pounds in the last 7 days for a total of 14.4 since I started.  The inches have been falling off quite steadily, and my body fat percentage is heading in the right direction.

Most importantly, I was successfully able to slip into my 32" waist jeans today, a major milestone as they were the first casualties of my previously expanding girth.

As I looked at the weight scale this morning and saw 180.2 - my goal was 180.0 - I saw it as a sign to keep going for an additional week.  If it goes like it did the last time, I could bottom out in the 175 - 176 range before moving into Phases 2 and 3 of the program.

"You can expect to gain 4 to 5 pounds as you begin to reintroduce carbs," said Sarah.  Makes sense to me.

So onward I go, toward a slimmer, healthier, stealthier me.


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