Jim Morrison Portrait

A friend from out east requested that I attempt a portrait of Jim Morrison back at the beginning of this painting spree.  Last night, it was Mr. Morrison that really "spoke" to me and he emerged from the canvas over many hours in the stifling heat of the evening.  Unfortunately, the intended buyer has run into some financial challenges which means that this 18" x 24" piece is available for purchase.

"How to you decide what to charge for your art?" asked my mom.

What a great question.  I've been told by some that I charge too little, though I recognize I'm just getting started in the great scheme of things.  But there seems to be a market for what I'm doing and the style I've developed over the last three years, through my watercolour series, murals and now this "crazy colour" acrylic portrait series.  But what's the "right" price?  I have no bloody clue.

The Robin Williams portrait, painted on the evening of the day of his tragic passing, has reached $1,800, with bids closing at 6 pm on Friday.  The buyer will be making a donation to Some Other Solutions at which point I gift them the painting, framed by our good friends at the Gallery at Frames and More.  We want every penny of benefit to go to SOS and their STAND UP FOR MENTAL HEALTH program.

That painting has gone to such a high price because of the emotion of the moment, the cause of raising awareness of mental illness and the dream of reducing the stigma associated with it.  The day one of my regular paintings sells for $1,800 I will retire to a studio/gallery somewhere and just do portraits for a living.

That said, I'm interested to find out what the true market is for what I am doing.  So, I'm going to accept blind bids for this portrait of Jim Morrison from anyone in the world.  The highest blind bid will get the piece.  The only caveat is that if the buyer is from away, there will be an additional cost for crating and shipping.  I would be pleased to take care of framing at my cost to get it done - roughly $120...if the buyer is interested.

How do you submit a bid?  Send me a private message:

By email: russell@birdsongconnections.com

By text: 780-881-3752

By private message on Facebook or Twitter

The minimum bid is $350, as that has been the going rate for my 18" x 24" portraits.

I will accept bids until the end of the day (August 14, 2014).


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