Trusting the Universe

Ana goes for walks in Toronto.  When she approaches a place where the path diverges, she takes a deep breath, and asks the universe to guide her on which way to go.  And every single time, something remarkable happens that would not have happened if she had not made the choice that she did, a choice that involves two things: being open to suggestion and trusting your gut.

Are we listening?  Do we picks up the audibles, the cues?

Heather and I make a significant trip to Edmonton today as the universe has conspired to put her on the operating table tomorrow.  We found out that this procedure (sellar and suprasellar decompression) was required back in February, and while there was a sense of urgency at the time, the wait was much longer than either of us anticipated.

Going into a brain procedure, it must be incredibly hard for Heather to stay in that trusting place, where certainty reigns supreme, that everything will turn out brilliantly.  Her positive attitude, in the face of years of dancing with myriad health issues, is remarkable.  But that doesn't make her impervious to worry, frustration, anger, resentment and a slew of other feelings that are completely understandable given the circumstances.

I see my job as being the person who stays rooted in trust, believing completely that the universe (and many doctors and nurses) is going to take care of Heather and give her additional health, and subsequently, happiness.

The outpouring of affection, healing and supportive thoughts, and positive energy has been such a blessing for Heather.  Thank you to each of you who have reached out or said a silent prayer.  Her strength and resolve are extraordinary, but it helps so much for her to feel (and hear) the love that surrounds her.

When anyone describes Heather, they often talk about the light she exudes, a beauty that is both wondrous and irrefutable.  Her inner strength, coupled with an abundance of love, interlaced with an undying trust in the universe puts her in a great space to embrace this medical procedure and all that it will do to ensure that she can continue being a beacon of light, hope and love.


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