Ideal update

The last couple of days, I haven't dropped a single ounce, in terms of my weight.  You notice that well-place comma after the "ounce" and before the "in"?  That was very purposeful, as I know that I may not have lost any poundage, but the inches are definitely still sloughing off.

Though it's frustrating, I know that the reason that the number seems permanently stuck on 176.2 lbs is due to water retention.  Trying to keep adequately hydrated during the hot summer days is a challenge, and the body seems to be holding on to as much as it can.

Meanwhile, I follow the program religiously, almost without a thought or concern after 4 or 5 weeks; I've lost count.  It's safe to say that I'm within a pound or two of my lowest mid-adult life weight and fitting into the clothes that I had altered in 2011 at the low tide of my previous journey through the program.  Soon, I will graduate to Phase 2 and shortly after to Phase 3.  By the time we dive into September, I will be mostly eating regular foods.

It's been a different experience following this protocol in the summer, as opposed to the fall. It has been much easier sticking to the routine as there are fewer distractions during July and August. Additionally, I haven't had cold extremities like I did in the fall of 2011 - at times, my hands and feet felt frigid - maybe the ambient temperature has just been too hot.


1) My vanilla drink - some folks at the office think it looks rather unappetizing, but I love starting my day with my vanilla flavoured protein shake.  It's quick; it's easy.

2) My vegetables and greens - I look forward to and love my selection of veggies and leafy greens.  At lunch each day I jokingly say to the ladies at work: "I'm going home for my rabbit food."  They always giggle.

3) Water - I need to have a big container of water handy, no matter where I am, or I just don't feel right.  I'll go through 16 oz, sometimes more, when I'm painting in the evening.

4) My crunchy snacks - I finish off each day with my "unrestricted" crunchy snack.  By "unrestricted", it means it counts as a regular protein meals, of which I have three times a day.  In other words, I could have these crunchy, chip-like things for breakfast if I so chose.

5) My caramel bar - one of the "restricted" protein meals is this caramel flavoured bar.  Last time I did this program I became addicted.  I'm equally addicted now, but instead of savouring it like before, I gobble it down in just a few minutes after my salad/veggies at lunch.  It provides me that burst of energy that I need in the middle of the day.


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