Missives from Mindcamp, Part 3

When I look back on the 2014 Mindcamp, there are several things that leap out to me, along with many amazing people.

On top of the list is a quote from Steve Shama: "I want to live my life one moment short of a tear."

To be clear, this aspiration is not about sadness, loss or grief; it is about WONDER!  Steve exudes of a love of life and of people that is absolutely wonderful.

"People don't care how much you know, until you show how much you care," he said.

A retired dermatologist, Steve often delivers keynote speeches at medical gatherings.  He never just shows up.  He finds a way to get to engagements early, meeting the people, learning about what they care about, and making connections that are authentic.

He shared a number of beautiful stories in his workshop (Presenting with Heart: Secrets to giving powerful & passionate presentations) that demonstrated his vulnerability and his passion for being passionate.

My realization was that I feel most alive, in those moments when the heart swells and the tears form but don't fall.  I love that place and need to give myself permission to go there more often than I do.

The other thought that really hit home was delivered by Cora Robinson, an executive coach from Ireland, who said "It is our light that most frightens us."  There is brilliance in each and every one of us, and not only do we need to look for it more in others, we need to recognize it in ourselves.

There were many wonderful moments at Mindcamp, but none so powerful as being in Gina Paigen's session on perspective, the final workshop on Sunday morning, when I got to hear an unfiltered, unfettered observation about my son Dylan.

Tim Dunne, co-author of Never Stop Selling, now a resident of Spain, shared that the most surprising thing about Mindcamp was Dylan.  He had made some assumptions about Dylan based on his physical challenges and was shocked when Dylan got up to sing Karaoke as part of the passeggiata the evening before.  "His beautiful singing was mind-blowing," he shared to his partner in the session, who in turn shared his comments with the group.  He had no idea that Dylan's dad was sitting in the room.

The most remarkable thing about this beautiful moment was that I had fully intended to go to a different session that morning.  In the last second, I decided to go left instead of right.  The universe wanted me to be present; I'm so glad that I was.

I'm grateful to so many people for what they contributed to the Mindcamp experience.  I'm humbled by the kindnesses and authentic connections with people like Ariane, Anik, Vesna, Franca, Tim H., Tim D., Maggie, Joe, Francois, Alan, Liz, Ginny, Gina, Gisela, Ana, Rich, Cam, Tony, Stephanie, Janeen, John, Jim, Barbara, Mary, Kristen, Branwen and so many others.

The magic of Mindcamp is indisputable.  The reverberations from what we learned and who we connected with will be felt for a long time.  And then, in August 2015, we will return to YMCA Geneva Park, fully prepared to create new magic, moments and memories.


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